If you notice a red exclamation mark next to the course in your audit that means the course is in your plan but is not counting for that requirement. There are a few quick things to check to see why the course is not counting:

  • The course has no credits or no grade awarded
  • The course was failed, withdrawn, incomplete, or otherwise doesn’t meet the minimum grade requirement
  • The course was taken P/F (as a default, ‘passed’ courses don’t count, but the audit will allow it if a P/F constraint is added to the requirement)
  • The requirement has already been satisfied with a different course, or courses. 
  • The course is being used to satisfy a different requirement and double counting is not allowed. You can search for the course code (control/command +F) to see how many times it is used in your audit via the Progress tab. 

The next thing to check is if the course meets all of the constraints (rules) of the requirement you expected it to satisfy. You can check on the constraints by clicking the “Constraints” button next to the title of the requirement. 

If you have further questions, the best thing to do is reach out to your advisor, or the Stellic team via the chat box in the bottom left corner of the Stellic program.