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In order to receive accommodations, you will need to talk with Disabilities Services. We will discuss any accommodations that will support access to education and seminary life at Western. As part of this interactive process, we need supporting documentation from a qualified licensed professional. Once reasonable accommodations have been determined as supported by documentation, DS will send your Faculty Letters to your instructors, which will list and explain the accommodations for which you are eligible. It is vital that you communicate with your instructors to ensure they received the letter and to discuss a plan for you to receive your accommodations in each class.  To get started:

  1. Complete the questionnaire for ADA accommodation.
  2. Request completion of ADA documentation from a licensed professional.
  3. Submit both the questionnaire and documentation to Disabilities Services.
  4. We will contact the student in regards to accommodation options and additional documentation if needed.
  5. If approved, a letter will be generated to the students’ professors.
  6. Ongoing support and communication with the student will take place each semester.

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