Where Can I Go If I Need Help While In Grad School? Print

Modified on: Wed, 13 Jul, 2022 at 9:48 AM


From time to time everyone could use some help and support. After all its graduate school and there’s bound to be work life, ministry, family/friends, financial, and/or spiritual challenges. Meeting with one of the Student Development Deans is one of the first resources to go for help. They have access to resources within Western and in the community near campuses. Many times, even for online students they are able to provide support and network with resources if needed. To get in touch, get in touch with them directly or email studentservices@westernseminary.edu for a referral. Of course, our advisors and Faculty are glad to help and mentor you as needed too. Do know when a student is facing challenges and seeks assistance or when the institution has concern for a student’s development or well-being, a referral is made to one of the Student Development Deans for follow-up.  

We also consider your local church a part of your support network. We highly encourage you to reach out to a pastor or leader for assistance too. 


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