Asking for help is a skill like any other skill. Have you ever heard the saying, “There is never a bad question” or “a bad question is the one that is never asked”. These are true in some ways but not adequate in others.

A question can be bad in the way it is asked and the way it is worded.


When asking a question using digital communication here are some things to consider.

  1. Don’t tell stories but ask one specific question with details.
  2. State what you want clearly without making assumptions about what others already know about your situation.
  3. Send a snippet/photo of the issue you are having.
  4. Explore a solution using other/all resources at hand.
  5. Follow all written instructions sent to you. Good questions are ones we have not already answered through previous communication.
  6. Be patient in the communication process especially if you are dealing with a complicated issue.
  7. Realize that we express Christian character through communication.
  8. Ask your questions when needed to prevent personal frustration.